14 Aug, 2019
Rock 'n Load Concerts

WEDNESDAY - 14 AUGUST, 2019 19:00
Die My Demon
Cinema, Hopmarkt Aalst
New York Hardcore
“Sworn Enemy, from Queens New York, mothafuckaaaa.” It was a new fresh NYHC sound that Sworn Enemy introduced with “As Real As It Gets” in 2003. It was around the same time that bands like Walls Of Jericho, Terror gained popularity and one could feel that this was the new breed of big hardcore bands. These New Yorkers decided to shift direction into a more metalcore sound, and after some years we heard less about them. Until 2018, when As Real As It Gets turned 15 years. Special sets at Ieperfest and Sound of Revolution, with a new line-up, including new song songs, showed everyone the power that this band still has. Their brandnew album “Gamechanger”, produced by Machine Head’s Robb Flynn throws us back to the more hardcore sound and confirms what we saw last year, Sworn Enemy is back!

Started out as a Sad Origin side project in 1999, Die My Demon never expected to be so alive 20 years later, let alone release a new full album. But that’s exactly what they are doing now. Line-up changes, breaks and growing up never really killed the hardcore beast inside, and since their first reunion show in 2014 we saw the band working at a different pace, taking it step by step, doing shows, releasing a well received EP, but most of all, showing a lot of hunger to perform and record, instead of just “”hanging on. The new album promises a fresh, mature hardcore sound and will be released in style at Ieperfest and at this local release party. Not to be missed!


Cinema, Hopmarkt Aalst