30 Oct, 2022
Rock'n Load concerts

SUNDAY - 30 OCTOBER, 2022 17:30
Nijdrop Kloosterstraat 9 1745 Opwijk
Price: € 20 * - Door price: € 25

Hardcore / Punkrock
We have the honor and distinct pleasure to invite all of you to an evening with the best melodic hardcore band of their generation and beyond. They got this badge, partly so due to the great vocals of their ex-front man Zoli, let’s not kid ourselves. In comes a certain monsieur Eli Santana, who surprised not only their own fans but just about anybody, by not only getting on with the job at hand, but by putting in a renewed focus and a dose of multi vitamins into the band. Starting off as it should be with a brand new record and just calling it ‘Ignite’. How’s that for a statement, ‘nuff said. Don’t miss out on this one ladies and gents!


Nijdrop Kloosterstraat 9 1745 Opwijk